Clipcode Helpdesk is our commercial support and mentoring service for enterprise development teams using the latest versions of Angular, TypeScript, RxJS and related technologies.

Imagine your software development team is about to embark on a new project. It is likely you will be slowed down as you encounter various issues / question the right approach. You could try Googling for answers (works well sometimes, not so well other times) or you could try hiring an outside consultant (expensive and takes time to arrange). Now Clipcode is offering you a third way - Clipcode Helpdesk, our support and mentoring solution.


For specific technical questions, we can provide you with timely in-depth technical answers, sample code and appropriate background material.


We can mentor your staff in specific technologies. When a team is starting with something new, it is often very helpful to add a part-time experienced team member playing an advisory role, who can help other team members with the learning process, quickly work through blocking points and ensure that the team is productive even in the early stages.

Custom Helpdesk and Developer Programs

We can provide your developer customers with a custom helpdesk that extends our support and mentoring to other developer technologies - including those provided by your company. We can also offering custom developer programs which is an excellent strategy for companies wishing to build up their (external) developer ecosystems.

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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