Clipcode Kickstarts helps software development teams initate projects. They are a mix of development process setup, early architectural work, prototype coding, knowledge transfer and anything else needed to rapidly get a project up and running (e.g. technical interviews for job candidates). They offer specific features and benefits to client organisations. They are provided on a fixed cost basis. They have identifiable goals, a clear strategy and short schedules.

It is commonly estimated that 90% of a project's ultimate cost/time budget is a result of what transpires in the first 10% of the project. Successful projects must get the start right - and this is where we can help.

  • Is your development team starting a new .NET project under tight deadlines? If you would like a Clipcode technical architect on-site to get your project up and running, check out the Clipcode .NET Project Kickstart.
  • Has security become the number one priority for your .NET software development team? You should consider the Clipcode Secure .NET Project Kickstart, which helps developers write secure .NET software.
  • Have you decided to adopt the highly productive agile approach to running your next software development project? If so, would you like an experienced Agile Coach on site for the initial iterations? For details, see Agile Software Development Project Kickstart.

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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