Getting the very best people for your software development project is the most important ingredient to its success. Clipcode People are senior software engineering contractors who work on-site on your projects, alongside your own staff. They are an additional resource, bring a range of unique experiences to bear on a project, help with knowledge transfer and encourage best practices on a project.

Contract Software Development

We can provide contract software architects and contract developers with appropriate engineering skills for all aspects of a project - including requirements, architecture, coding and testing. We can assist your team to iteratively a) discover user stories; b) create modular software designs that truly deliver customer value; c) write clean elegant well-factored code and d) provide automated unit and acceptance testing infrastructures.

Technical Interviewers

If you are recruiting, we can provide a seasoned technical interviewer who will evaluate candidates during a detailed technical interview.

Executive Briefings

Aimed at CTOs, directors of software engineering and senior software architects, our executive briefings are a half-day or full-day presentation/discussion/advisory session aimed at helping management teams form strategic technical direction for their companies. We bring clients up to date with the very latest technology innovations and help teams exploit them from business-, technical- and operational-viewpoints. Sample executive briefings include:

  • Serverless - Breaking an applications into (standalone) functions and spinning them up in the cloud only if and when needed (we cover: what is a [serverless] function? Google Cloud Functions/AWS Lambda/Azure Functions, frameworks, reacting to cloud events, designing for ephemeral computing, contrast with always-on microservices)
  • Blockchain - An approach that delivers a distributed secure ledger. Best known as the technical foundation of cryptocurrencies, blockchain has much wider usage (we cover: what is a block, genesis block, blockchain and hashing, proof-of-work, smart contracts)
  • HTTP/3 - Coming soon to modern server and browser implementations, HTTP/3 is the latest protocol that binds the web. It offers many technological advances that so far companies have been slow to exploit (we cover: multiplexing, priority, compression, server push, framing)
  • TensorFlow - AI is changing many industries. Companies need to implement an effective AI strategy before their competitors do. An excellent starting point is Google's open source TensorFlow, which is the leading AI framework. (we cover: deep learning backgrounder, operations and kernels, graph, CNN, DNN, mixing AI and existing platforms)

Deadline Crisis

It sometimes occurs that a project late in its lifetime is in risk of missing a vital deadline. Throwing a whole lot of people at a late project will not help (it often makes it worse - sapping the effort of the existing productive project members trying to get all the new recruits up to speed). However, one or two additional team members, provided they have the critical skillsets in the area that is the source of the project delay, can provide focused help. If your project looks as if it will overshoot its delivery date - and you need a miracle, give us a call!

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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