If you have a software project you need developed in a professional manner, consider assigning complete responsibility for it to us. Clipcode Projects can deliver to you within agreed costing structures, quality indicators and timetables. We specialise in the following project types.

Angular with TypeScript Application Development

We can build for you advanced Angular applications to deliver rich user interfaces over the web. We cover all that is required for web delivery of applications - user interface, business logic, data access, management, security, config, etc.

Project Management with Agile Software Development Processes

We can furnish project management capabilities to run the project. This includes interacting with project stakeholders, deciding on project iterations, setting schedules and handling technical and team issues. We favour agile software methodologies which encourages delivering code releases early and often, frequent customer feed-back and generally a low "ceremony" / high productivity lean approach.


Often there is a need to efficiently combine solutions based on different technologies. This requires engineering talent with diverse technical backgrounds coupled with a "big picture" understanding of how everything should work together, which we can provide.

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at eamon.otuathail@clipcode.com to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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