Clipcode Workshops are short pre-defined blocks of on-site consultancy work which result in the creation of specific software engineering artefacts (such as a plan, a model, a data schema, a report, etc.). The workshop format usually lasts from one to three days and often involves a pre-workshop meeting, time for research and information gathering, a presentation on the workshop topic, one or more workshop meetings and work product completion/documentation. It involves the collaborative efforts of a software architect from Clipcode and the client's own software architects and senior software engineers.
  • Clipcode Custom Angular 8 Platform/Renderer Workshop helps dev teams creating advanced Angular 8 apps with specialist needs to create a custom platform and/or a custom renderer - to more finely manage what happens when an Angular app talks to the substrate on which it runs.
  • Clipcode Technology Selection Workshop - As technology foundations change, software companies must continuously strive to keep up to date. Selecting core technologies on which to base your software engineering effort is of paramount importance. This workshop on technology selection helps out with evaluation and competitive analysis along with highlighting the implications of the different options.
    SAMPLE: Selecting a Software Development Methodology: presentations on main options - Agile Process; XP and Unified Process, along with Final Decision
  • Clipcode Project Retrospective Workshop - once a major software engineering project has been completed, it helps all participants to reflect on how the team performed, to identify the organisational and technical aspects of the project that worked well/not so well and, where appropriate, to suggest alternative aprroaches that should be tried on future projects. Clipcode can provide a facilitator to run a short project retrospective workshop which will help draw out ideas and comments from all team members and foster rich team communication.
  • Clipcode XML Schema Design Workshop - W3C XML Schemas are the modern approach to data schema definitions. Using XML syntax, they describe hierarchical arrangements of data elements, their internal structures and their data types. Schemas need to be expandable, maintainable, modular and robust. As XML becomes a part of more mission-critical systems, it is important engineering discipline pervades the design of and interaction with XML content. If your team needs to design a modern XML Schema, this workshop is for you.
  • Custom Workshops - If you have a specific software engineering task that you needed completed, consider the workshop format - we can arrange custom workshops for you.

As each workshop is of limited duration, it is usually possible to arrange one at short notice.

If your dev team is starting an important project and needs help, please contact us via email at to discuss how we can be of assistance.

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